21 May 2007

tactics of peace

As the days go on and the action at Cerro Quemado (may 31st) gets nearer, I'm preparing more and more. It's in the walking and the meditaiton and the long hours with strangers, making mole and talking life and interviewing Sonyaji.

She told a little more about some of the previous actions, a few days ago. A morning prayer at the Sabarmati Ashram where they find a team of workers with a crane and noise all going at 5h00 in the morning. So Sonya goes down and breaks all kinds of Indian protocols and class barriers and invites and cajoles and demands that they leave their work and attend the true Work. And they call their offices and headquarters and wake up the Gods know who and eventually come and everyone prays together.

The same Sarva Dharma Prathana that I sing every morning. It might be the only tune I know, written by Vinoba Bhave and recited every morning at Manav Sadhana and maybe everywhere else.

Sonyaji's learning me that "working for the peace we understand that the peace is very diifcult to reach and we start working for reconciliation, which must be our first step on the path to peace". It is a way for the grand and noble conscious to aterrizar a little, to come back to the concrete of domestic squabbles and poltical intrigue.

It's a way to take the global and make it local, to start with the heart and move, reconciling, to the friends and to the families. Putting the building blocks of kindess and positivity together; the foundation for the peace that is coming. The personal reconciliation and then the public one.


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