09 May 2007

invitation to cerro quemado

this is the invitation i just translated for the event we're putting together may 31st in san luis potosi. more information and background on the project at our website, which i'm currently trying to edit.


Action Cerro Quemado (Real de Catorce)
31st of May, 2007
Full moon

Following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, we invite all participants to offer this action in Silence and with respect for the Earth.



I. Invitation
II. Lines of Action
III. Program of Action
IV. Logistics


Dear Friends of OraWorldMandala,

On October 2nd of 2006, in the Sabarmati Ashram, Mahatma Gandhi's center of operations for many years, we opened the Archive of the Earth: the union of earth from India and Mexico symbolically marking the cultural alliance between two ancient civilizations on opposite sides of the globe, which have united in the common cause of Ahimsa. It is Ahimsa, Mahatma Gandhi's message of love for all life through active non-violence, which threads through the fabric of our actions, experiments, and lives. (see http://www.oraworldmandala.org)

The Archive of the Earth is a large earthen vessel, traditionally used in India to store grains or water. Now this Archive is open to receive earth from all over the world, offered by people and institutions who share a vision of a peaceful planet and are ready to explore their own evolution as a means of achieving this larger Peace.

On the other side of the world from India's Sabarmati Ashram, we find the Cerro Quemado in Real de Catorce, the sacred mountain of the native Wisharrika, better known as the Huicholes. On the 10th and 11th of June, 2006, we ceremonially collected and offered earth to the Archive, sealing the alliance between India and Mexico. (see the fourth action, http://www.oraworldmandala.org)

OraWorldMandala has committed to return to the Huicholes for five years -- each year finds us alongside the Huicholes' elder shamans, collecting the earth of the Cerro Quemado for the Archive, building together the road to Ahimsa.

Continuing with this commitment, the 2nd offering of earth will take place under the full moon on the 31st of May, 2007. Once again, we will walk in silent pilgrimage from Real de Catorce to the sacred Cerro Quemado, guided by the Huicholes. The installation of the Eye of Truth, a work of art created with colorful threads and bamboo by the participants in the form of a Tsikuli (a sacred tool of the Huicholes) will close the ceremony.

The intention of this second offering of the earth is to promote Ahimsa as the point of convergence among different belief systems, and to benefit the well being of all.

OraWorldMandala invites you once again to join this action and offering on the 31st of May and 1st of June, 2007, Cerro Quemado (Real del Catorce).


Cerro Quemado, an important center of Huiricuta Natural and Cultural Reserve, is located in the mountains of Sierra de Catorce. The Huiricuta Reserve is the first protected area in Mexico created specifically to conserve spaces sacred to humans in addition to its biodiversity. The Chihuahua Desert, of which Huiricuta is a part, is one of the three most biologically rich semideserts on the planet. The reserve includes the traditional route of the native Wisharika, in the state of San Luis Potosi, culminating at Cerro Quemado.

The respect shown to this Sacred Ground by the native Wisharika is a microcosm of what we would like to express on a planetary level. The current action proposes a Silent walk in the practice of Ahimsa. Indeed, it is Ahimsa, Mahatma Gandhi's message of love for all life through active non-violence, which threads through the fabric of our actions, experiments, and lives.

"When one comes to think of it one cannot help feeling
that nearly half the misery of the world would
disappear if we, fretting mortals, knew the virtue of
silence. Before modern civilization came upon us, at
least six to eight hours of silence out of twenty-four
were vouchsafed to us. Modern civilization has taught
us to convert night into day and golden silence into
brazen din and noise. What a great thing it would be
if we in our busy lives could retire into ourselves
each day for at least a couple of hours and prepare
our minds to listen in to the Voice of the Great
Silence. The Divine Radio is always singing if we
could only make ourselves ready to listen to It, but
it's impossible to listen without silence."
M.K. GANDHI - Harijan, 24/9/1938, p.267 (from "Notes")


Guided by Wisharika elders.

To maintain the intention of promoting Ahimsa as the goal of this convergence of different beliefs, and for the wellbeing of all, we humbly ask all participants to respect Silence and Unity during the entire action.

Thursday 31st of May 2007

15.30 hrs. Meeting in Plaza Hidalgo to share the schedule and discuss logistics..

17.00 hrs. The Silent pilgrimage beings to Cerro Quemado (the Wisharika open the sacred doors)

19.00 hrs. Fire ritual in the middle of sacred circle (in Silence)

Dusk Prayer in silence, the setting of the sun in Mexico bringing forward the dawn in India. Each person, following his or her tradition, belief, or simple perception, maintains their focus in Silence.

20.00 hrs. Sharing of food in Silence

21.00 hrs. Circle around the fire, listen and dance to the traditional music of the Wisharika

23.00 hrs. Official preparation of the Marakame's song (chant of the elder shaman). The natives prepare the offerings. Observe in silence.

24.00 hrs. The Marakame's Song. At this moment, in silence, we unite in the sincere attempt to understand the significance of our action: the offering of earth from Cerro Quemado to the Archive of the Earth located in the ashram of a man called Mahatma Gandhi. (see I. Invitation).

Listen to the song, asleep or awake, around the Fire in Silence.

The answer arrives in its own perfect time.

Dawn Sun Salutation and candle offering (and acknowledging as well the birthday of the Buddha), maintaining silence.

Earth offerings. In a circle around the Fire, each person takes a small amount of earth to offer to the Archive of the Earth at the Sabarmati Ashram. In the wake of the Marakame's Song, we unite our lands in conscience of the Mandala's future.

Next, we install the Eye of Truth, a work of art created from bamboo and threads of various colors, in the form of a Tsikuli, sacred tool of the Huicholes. Continue in silence.

Safai: Before returning to the town of Real de Catorce, we peform Safai to leave the Cerro Quemado clean. Mahatma Gandhi lived his entire life yoked to this discipline (Safai means cleaning in Hindi). This last stage, also, in silence.

After our descent we will meet in the watchman's house. The silence ends to allow a constructive dialogue and to share OraWorldMandala's plan for actions in 2007-2008.

All actions will be recorded for an experiment in consciousness research by PEARlab/I.C.R.L
(Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research/International Consciousness Research Laboratories).

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