26 July 2008

where did the cows go?

it's perhaps worth noting from the western hemisphere that at multiple
points in the day my mother has told me i should have remained to
settle in india. not in the, "i would like you to live in the home
country" kind of way, but more in the "christ, you're so weirdly
indian" tone of surprise. this after i relax into ecstacy hearing
pandit jasraj on her astropod or sing impromptu krishna ditties.

to which i just responded, "yes of course, but my teachers have
mandated i go to the west"


"spreading a message of peace and love"


"starting with you!"

it's all in good fun and we're both laughing.

"it's a tough start, i know. but my teachers are good"

which is the only true part. last night's bedtime reading, some sort
of treatise on how the sacred play (lila) of krishna and radha is
nectar (amrut) to us mortals, mentioned that in every stanza of poetry
we are behooved to include the name of god.

i'm trying to remember, grandmother.

until then the west wind on the delta and the east wind on lost
mountain are doing me well. there is a lot of slow transcription
happening but by the end of the week there will be updates on the
following projects

* sometimes we walk alone (being sent to a publisher)
* mangolandia travel agency (in website design phase)
* something constructive consortium (finally coming together)
* cooking classes and homework potlucks (for the good people of sequim)
* 100-mile diet weekly escapades (with local friends)

just trying to keep the noose tightened. also, 2nd edition bigode
finally got some website updates, please check them out and as always,
"tell all yer friends". i have now actually seen the new cookbook and
it looks very spiffy, thanks to donald knuth and chris gregori.


upper dungeness,

13 July 2008

administrative update

ankurbhai is back in sequim washington

can be reached at either

360 . 582 . 3152
360 . 683 . 5398

depending on the wind direction.

is working on a variety of projects which will slowly emerge from the either

encourages you to come visit and work on the farm or just your own (bad) self.

[ with love ]

83 lost meadow
sequim, wa 98382