17 January 2007

from a book about the maharshi

why does a tiny voice tell us that there is something more to life
than the routine daily grind? why do we keep catching hints of our
infinite nature? why do we look unfailingly for the unceasing fount of
joy, for the unending expanse of peace, for the boundless ocean of
love? when all expectation drops away, when memory too is quiet, the
silence of the heart swells up. it has been calling to us, this soft
sweet melody, always, always. but we have had no time to listen. we
have been too busy with our cares which we carry heavily on our puny
shoulders. so many things that we have to acheive occupy our attention
and the call of the heart goes unheard. it keeps calling though,
unceasingly, it never stops because we haven't bothered to listen.

- dr. sarada

so obviously im not making any claims about the writing or my
transcription but im meditating all day in a cave up here and the guy
is right on.

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