18 January 2007

and also relating to the Self

[ a poem by a friend ]

why do we couple? (hmm. good question. why Do we couple.)

because when we are old, we need someone to bring us soup when we can
no longer get out of bed on our own. we don't even care if the person
resents it.

because it is more difficult to love another person in all of their
perfections and idiosyncracies and pain. and we are built to seek
challenge and growth.

because the world is terrifying and there is something comforting in
coming home at night to the skin and teeth of a known person. there is
something comfoting in smell. in taste.

because it sounds beautiful and wise to kiss the same person in their
youth and in their old age.

because being in love is like your first acid trip. and committing to
someone is like doing yoga everyday. and some of us don't realize that
when we commit. and are in a program where we're supposed to be doing
yoga everyday and are actually just watching TV.

because we are terrified of being by ourselves.

because we need external validation that we are not worthless,
loveless creatures.

because our parents told us to.

because it keeps us from looking at ourselves.

because it allows us to have more space to look at ourselves.

because you can no longer live in most parts of the first world on a
single salary.

because we live in a society of couples and if you dont' have one you
spend lots of time alone. and maybe you don't like yourself.

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