05 January 2007

december 28, feasts and the innocents

december 28th. traditionally celebrated as the feast of the slaughtered innocents. so a little honor and respect towards everyone out there, and everyone else out there who is working, and everyone else out there who is working for the slaughtered, and a little special honor and respect and love and gratitude and appreciation, on this day, for those who are working for the slaughtered innocents.

and i mean all the babies herod killed and the babies we killed in hiroshima and all the cancers we let fly courtesy of agents orange and god surely knows what other shades of pain. and i mean all the childs fed school lunch where ketchup is The Vegetable and all the children fed hard labour from the age of walk and those dying and otherwise disenfranchised in palestine and louisiana and thereever. thereevery, even.

i was first introduced to this holyday by john giuliano and john cortina, both of whom survive and one of whom on this earth, walking and running even. they are an inexhaustible fountain of inspiration for me, each and every day, and i recommend that everyone

a) support them in any way you can

b) have a genuine transcendental mystical experience when your schedule allows.

it's all pretty worth it.



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