28 July 2006

buried under a pile of gringas

and still smiling through the sadness of leaving chandrabose and the rains in general, the pain and destruction of lebanon, etc. more sooner than later -- at the moment im a coconut ball of grated wonder, so happy to be speaking english and spanish and to be hosting such wonderful humans in our human, a small gesture of thanks towards the essence, the mother india who has fed, clothed, and housed me (all quite literally) for eight months of money-free and god-ful living.

and a blog mira sent me to organize worldwide resistence:

and a blog rayya sent me with more information on lebanon:

[ please note that im confident there will be, mixed in with an honest desire to save lives and worldviews, a good amount of anger, even hatred, and anti-israeli propaganda on these sites. i neither support nor endorse such sentiments, though i can often understand them. more on that as the situation requires]

and another update from mira, who survives, as we are wont to do, in tripoli --

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Date: Jul 26, 2006 7:56 PM

Today i woke up with a feeling of a ball in my down throat ..well they say it is becoz my stomach cant digest food becoz of stress ,i still f\el that ball in my esophageal.. so i'm seeing a doctor tomorrow. so becoz of Israel i have to feel a ball in my fuckin system :p

I was hearing some news yest. some of them are this:
-in maroon el ras one of the villages on the border where the israelies arrived ,they went in to a house ,kicked all the family out and put them on their knees and they began to shoot ,even the children ..The dad arrived without one of his wounded daughters he left behind fro some reasons some
intensive bombings and she was seriously wounded …
-the Red Cross was hit also in the south..Not to forget that the UNIFEL was also hit…
-they showed us schools ,malls even public parks full of kids with only few months old …how can these kids survive with the low hygiene and not enough food…
-and not to mention that all the villages in the south are not accessible for ambulances or aid..but only the civilians with foreign passports could arrive to tyre to get on the ship …is it fair ?while I heard that a wounded family under their bombed house , couldn't get any help coz no red cross can arrive and ONLY the western passport get through ?!??!

Of course we are all worried about wheat ,petrol, everything …we r beginning our count down …..

So I'm confused and trying to help the refugees as much as I can even though I didn't really feel good today when I went to a new school opened for refuges today ,tooo many families in classes ouf laying on the ground and shit !maybe I'm too sensitive …but what is nice and really assuring is that I see a lot of people I know in these schools ,young people like me ,or working people that are not working during these days and helping ,doing an effort ,giving all they have or part of what they have ,it makes me believe in our will to help each other ….

And I know I know that I love Lebanon so much …and all my Lebanese friends here that I see everyday in my hometown Tripoli or anywhere from Lebanon ..i love u all .. I love my wounded country more and more every day ….
mira love peace

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