04 July 2006


krimi is the sanskrit term for worms, which i first learned last fall during the "basic principles" class at the gujarat ayurved university, which detailed, among everything else, the basic classification schema for life on the planet.
krimi, as understood by the vedic sages, met more than just worms. it included all those unseen and mysterious organisms which mingle with the body, causing all sorts of interest and complication.
for example, the worms in my flute and foot.
the worms in my foot -- "water worms" -- would likely be considered a fungus in the west. they are living comfortably among three of the toes on my left foot and advertise their presence through a constantly cyclical pain and a telltalle white deadening of the skin.
the worms in my flute, which i discovered this morning WHILE PLAYING, live around the "ni" hole ("b") and are small white squirming maggot creatures. they're a little freaky. i'm a little freaked out in general. music is hard enough.
anyhow. india. no less intense than ever.

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