20 July 2006

more from mira

in tripoli, lebanon:

i cant see more dead on tv ...as if it's a nightmare
..no no wat that wodul be 2 hours from here???
they say teh big strike is sooonn and i'm beginning to
get reakly scared.....
...the bombing hit our port of tripoli so we got
sacred a lot by the
sound and effect ..we know that israel might hit any
bridge to tripoli or electricity and we dont move a
lot ..and i assure u we dont have any fuckin hezbolla
here ???why r they killing our army then?????a lot of
refugees are coming here from the south and i have
been trying to help by bringing necesseties ,my car s
full of rice , milk,clothes,detol,food,anything that a
person needs to survive....
i see children sleeping on school's floors away from
thier villages but they like it here more coz they say
they can sleep at least away from teh soud of bombing
in their ears and bodies....
little babies with diarrhea.....what can i say ... i'm
so sad and outraged that u become numb ....but not for
so long coz soon i will begin to panick i know
....yesterday i cried as if i'm crying over a person
that died or a guy that left me ..i was crying for
lebanon ....i couldnt stop crying ....
i cant do anything to help it ....i'm thinking of
leavng but i love it here ..but why continue trying
when i have to pay teh price of soemthing i ahvent
where to leave ..i dont even have enough money
...woudl i work in tourism again ??what future do i
have here????all day long i ask questions???with no

i'm going home now ....
                                         mira love

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