16 July 2006

news from lebanon

where i lived for a few months and met a certain mira, whose words i've included below as a "native" point of view on the "news", as it were.
the situation is gettin worse ..i guess the israelies dont want to just give back the hostages in return of the soldiers and they want to make it bigger to finish with hezbolla,(if this is the case and hizbolla seem stubborm enough )then the war is going to be for some time now ...in fact they kind of detroyed the souyth completly especially the infrastructure ,now lately oil and gas stations ..they are also attacking the villages down in the south where they think the hizbolla are hidden so a lot of families and civilians are beeing killled while runnuing away from their houses!..it's so barbaric!the deads are in hundreds not to mention the injured and all euronews is showing are the jews fuckin weeping on their soldiers ??what about our kids here??!?!??

even the europeen media is controled!even the united nations didnt ask the stop of the fire!is it normal !i'm not a prohizbolla at all but i think that we r paying high and nobody is saying shit!where r the europeen countries and their human rights????they have ships all over the coast even here in tripoli the northern city of lebanon and they also attcked a lebanese military base next to tripoli today ....why lebanse militaries???they also bombed a littel airport unused in the north of tripoli ....in fact they only aim bridges ,electricity ,airoports they r trying to isolate us ,in fact we r !the economy is down down .we r running to buy prtrol and bread ....it's war again :(

i'm more sad then scared honestly ...i thought i was a weak panicking girl but i told mom today i'm not leaving my country ,until my house is destroyed, this is my home....anyways i hope that they dont begin bombimg the cities...that's what we r scared of ..i think u people in europe and states shoudl protest for us for the kids for the minimun rights not to be invaded in that way ..maybe ur governmenets would listen to ur voices coz ours dont exist ...we r just nothing ....

i was watching ghandi movie today and i cried so much coz war is so absurd and i hate to live in this world of injustice and hatred ...

mira love peace

again, im not interested in the purely political aspect as such, but rather include these words to show the humanity involved (on all asides).
and may the gods bless us all

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