08 April 2006

world revolutionary cuisine

i just got back. of course mr. hawking there is no back, there is no
absolution in or around spacetime. but im at the same point in the
spacetime helix i was 27 days ago, the same internet cafe from where i
wrote "im going to walk to dandi in honor of mahatma gandhiji".

that happened. i thought i went in honor of a man and now realize that
i walked in honor of the gods. everything was taken care of. i
undertook some small sufferings (four days of fever, forty degree
heat, some unplanned fasting) but nothing compared to gandhi's daily

i was blessed with daily bread (rotla) and inspiration. so many old
men, freedom fighters. so many young women fated for a life of making
chai and doing laundry. so much love. so much service.

came back to a bursting headache and inbox and the following culinary
revolution note from mr. denali in patagonia. it's in response to some
comments from mali regarding the foundation of an international peace
army. like fight club, perhaps.

as for seeds [of revolution] being planted, we are harvesting some
bad-ass multicolored new mexican corn that has somehow adapted itself
to patagonia, and damn is it tasty. and we cooked a curanto ten days
ago, with three different colors of potatoes all from the garden, and
a stuffed squash the size of a basketball, i promise you that for once
i am not exaggerating...

for the culinarily-minded among you, a curanto is traditional mapuche
technique, for large celebratory gatherings.


dig a big wide pit, not deep, but wide.

lay big rocks all across the bottom as a floor.

build a big-ass humungous wicked gigantic fire over all of it and feed
it firewood every three minutes for the next five hours.

shovel off all the coals (carefully. don't light the forest on fire.)

check readiness of rocks by pouring cold water onto one. if it rocks
splits open, you're green for launch, mission control.

lay down nalca leaves and maqui branches until the rocks are covered well.

lay down trays of all kinds of food you can imagine. in chile it's
usually seafood. here it's usually meat and potatoes. in our case it
was potatoes, onions, corn, sweet potatoes, carrots, giant stuffed
squash (filling care of alex, delicious barley-pea-onion mixture), a
hunk of meat brought by special guest juan carlos toledo (!) whom we
drove out there specially in 4x4 to get up to the house...

cover with lots more leaves and branches, and burlap to keep the food
from getting dirty as you proceed to next step.

bury the whole damn thing.

spend the next two to two and a half hours drinking wine, playing
music and conversing in the grass with your friends, until you...

unearth everything and eat it.

in our case we did it with about 25 people, on a sunday, and we kept
eating it until wednesday. again, i promise no hyperbole in that.

anyway, that's the news from the patagonian base of the shanti sena.
incidentally, is the shanti sena going to have as many non-military
installations around the world as the US military does... we'd best
get started... the good news is, infrastructure need only be minimal.
in better words, if one is present, that is enough.

i love you all, whoever is reading this...

and thank you to mali. may you never stop collaborating and confusing
on this blog, my life. i figure within a few months people will have
no goddamn idea what the difference between us is anyhow. im booking a
ticket for the 15th for neilu and myself to come see you.

one love

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