08 April 2006

a pause in the walking

hakim bey writes (http://www.chronogram.com/issue/1997/10/feature3.htm) --

"But the pilgrim undergoes a shift of consciousness, and for the
pilgrim that shift is real. Pilgrimage is a form of initiation, and
initiation is an opening to other forms of cognition."


the Fever is also a shift in consciousness. as is Poverty. together
its a powerful cocktail. i dont know what kind of summary i can get
into. suffice to say, for the now part of spacetime, that

1. i am safe and mostly healthy. my left eye bone is somehow
twitching. but we'll work it out.

2. i am never going back. to what i don't know but like everyother day
and experience in my life this pilgrimage will continue forever. i am
over the sadness of one way tickets and now revel in this Onwardness.

3. gandhiji is a god. his writings are pure prophecy. his political
involvement, while fortunate for the future objects of the Indian
government, was purely circumstantial. he should be understood as
buddha and christ (perhaps i should say 'misunderstood'), not as any
kind of political figure.

4. the gods reward you for following the dharma. for the first time in
my life i put aside much of my daily ego considerations 'what am i
doing? why?' and just flowed with the notion i was offering daily body
homage to gandhi and to krishna. and they rewarded me infinitely. it
has totally confirmed my faith in everything.

* ding *

the next stage invlolves getting my eye to stop twicthing and trying
to organize peoples visits. im going to see mali next week (with
neilu-of-newyork) and we're going to hole up in some sort of rural
music school ashram. ill probably end up starting a restauant. i want
everyone with the slighest notion that they should visit to do so. the
future depends on it. all of us, together.

for la jesica, for daya, for alex parsons, and for bruno there is no
absolution. mrs uzureau and holmes have some leeway as theyve come to
the hypercontinent once already this school year. but not much. as for
the rest of you, get your visas.

i will be posting stories and notes from the walk as i type them.


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