04 April 2006

is number maatthe calls tagit karve maave che

i’ve been trying to call ankurbhaiya for more than a week now and all I get is

“is number maatthe whatever whatever…”

then, “calls on this mobile are barred.”

what does that even mean?

I emailed Matt to see if he knows anything but Colombian madness hasn’t let up so he hasn’t had contact with the brother. He would probably just get the same message anyway.

Last time I called he’d just broken out of a few days where the universe was not so much showing the love. No food offered, places to stay, interest, respect, nada. There was a muslim community that was serving up particularly harsh in vibe and spirit, and bhaiya was like, people, we’re in a country that kinda hates you right now, and I of all people love you, what’s the deal here, friends?

Then he got to this one mandir and they were like, yeah whatever, wait here, and he's like, great, still no love, my stomach's a little shrunk, no worries, i'll just sit here and meditate. And then this guy came saying food would be here soon, everything was arranged, and bhaiya was blissed and grateful, and this other guy came with food and said his family sent it, and ankur says, oh dont worry, the mandir has arranged everything, and the guy was like, well, yeah, here's food too, and left. So ankurbhaiya had both meals, fortunately one had rice and the other had dahl so they went together, and there like a million chapatis that he didn't eat. (Bet you were thinking i was going to say the second guy went away with that food and the first guy's food didn't come so ank was still starving, right? Not this time folks, this part was after the krishna came back to love the brother)
Then it turns out there would be this youth meeting in the mandir. Not super revolutionary, but definitely youth, definiltey meeting, and communication, which are all ways of saying Love. And one of the kids was a barber and offered bhaiya a shave and ank was like, Dude, sweet (what does mine say?), my beard is the amazon, i'm so ready to lose it, and he and the barber chatted about marriage and work and family expectations and other things in this world of Love.

So I was feeling bad about fucking up, not calling those couple of bad days, so since then I tried calling every day and today if All is Well he reaches Dandi and holds up a pinch of salt, and as the grains fall to the ground the empire crumbles to Love and i still don't have contact with him.

I'm slipping in the word Love a lot whether or not it's relevant (when is it not relevant?), hoping that it'll get to ankurbhaiya wherever he is. Well, I know it'll get there, and even that's irrelevant, it already IS there, it already IS, Jaiva Understands, shut up mali and listen to the IS...

Ankurbhaiya? ankle? hello?


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