01 March 2008

We Players September

for the hive mind backup. those of you in sf will get more information on this later. but i can say, now, with full confidence, that the most amazing theatrical presence i have ever played with is putting a show on in september under the golden gate bridge. and its worth a cross country train ride to get there.
details forthcoming but save the date and all that...
September 2008, We Players presents Shakespeare's Macbeth, to be staged in San Francisco at Fort Point, located directly beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. The very architecture of this the Civil War era fort evokes the extremity and absurdity of ambition, warfare, prophesy, and paranoia, providing a compelling natural landscape for this timeless tragedy.  Creating site-specific performance events that transform public spaces into realms of participatory theater, We immerse the audience in the world of the play and incite community discussion around current issues.

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