24 March 2008

mukeshanand speaks

some words from mukeshbhai, my friend and meditation teacher in nadiad's santaram mandir, after a particularly beautiful meditation:

ANKUR -- this -- what you are feeling right now -- is your original life.

The life you normally lead -- tension, desire, sex, thoughts -- that is not your original life. That is a mental life.

Totality relaxed, normal, no desire, no thoughts, totality experience I no body I only soul. What you just experienced, that is your original life.

Soul feeling is my original life.

Wherever your mind -- whatever guna -- it abides in the soul. The experience of totality is my original life.

The hand can lift and the eyes can see not from their own power, but the power of the their root. The center. You are that center, that root. You are the soul, not the body.

The root of all emotional and mental condition is what? Three things underly everything and do not change.

Shanti. Ananda. Prem.

What is main? Soul. Soul is my life. What you have just experienced is your true nature. There is no reason to listen to anybody or read any holy book -- this experience is your life.



I am not these thoughts.
I am not this body.
I am soul (neti, neti).

Thus every experience you have of samsara is gateway to understanding your true nature.


What we have done is thrown the covers off of the light of the soul. Slowly, in your daily life, these covers -- I am the mind, I am the body -- may come back to cover this original light.

When you watch your heart, observe your experience, deeper and deeper, deep deep deep deep deep, you do so with love, the same love that you eat your favorite food, the same relish and appreciation, you point at your heart.

Ankur, love is very important. Soul love. Guru love. The first point when starting to meditate. Clean love. No love is no meditate.

As much guru bhakti as you have -- prem and submission -- so will your work be easier. Very easy. Submission.

(the word guru is used generally to mean the soul or the universe, that undivided piece of god within us. it is also used occasionally to mean mukesh himself, the "media guru", or connecting piece between your present interpretation of reality and your true nature (the soul, the guru))

The media guru's role is to uncover the real guru. Very easy for guru when you have love and faith in guru. This love is then reflected back to you many fold.

As ripe as your guru bhakti [devotion to the teacher] so deep will you go into your soul. You should have so much love that you should feel the meditation the minute you see your guru.

All this depends on your feeling, your love. Without that love you cannot learn and grow from a teacher.

Look at Nilesh. How many years he has studied Ramana and how many years have we lived together. And yet has no faith in me, no respect for what we do, so he can take no benefit. My own neighbor! We eat together every day. And yet there are people who come from Japan and Hong Kong and Swiss and America and their whole lives are changed. They leave with a new life!

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