27 February 2007

the ending times

27th of february and still racing towards a semblance of organization. its the new, new me, already in progress and never content to reach. there's a toilet scrubbing analogy here somewhere.

an infinite half week of malavika has brought our indian celibacies into scatological diatribe. perhaps its because we stayed in the house of a famous Mr. Toilet, who has received the prestigious Padma Shree award from the indian government and built over a million toilets for the open defacating rural poor.

there is also an aspect of indian not to be under-rated. the ever ever-present smell. sometimes its vas (odor) and sometimes its sugund (perfume) and sometimes its go-mudra (cow-mudra) and sometimes its kesar (saffron) but its always there. along with every other sensation -- skinny brown men cramming against you in the railway line and the hot sun ashing your bones and 11 religions in various states of harmony, all clanging bells and proclaiming their same infinite realization to be truly great (and it is!) and ever the radio.

but today is a recipe and a special request to those whom I will see soon. let's make some pickle. today I want you to buy 1 kilo of thin-skinned round lemons, yellow and full of juice. that's what the auntie recommended as making the best pickles. if you can't find those we try something else. I suspect limes will be easiest to find that meet her description: think corona bottle and we'll be on the right track.


1 kg limbu (thems the lemons)
1 tsp turmeric
200-250 grams of salt

put the salt to roast over a low flame. i think the point is to vaporize impurities (this is india) and full dehydrate it. meanwhile, with one eye to the flame, cut the lemons into 6 slices each. from point to point, the beginning to the end.

colocate the salt, turmeric and salt in a container that closes and hopefully has a wide mouth. those avoiding cancer should avoid the use of plastic. glass is best. but do what you can and take what you need. thats the basic rule anyhow.

let sit for 20 days. ill ring your bell and we'll start part two.

NB, tour dates:

new york on march 9th
connecticut on march 10th
northampton by march 11th
new york on march 13th
new york on march 28th
seattle on march 31st [this ticket not yet purchased]
sequim on april 1st

- ankur

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