02 February 2007

back in the smokestack

seven endless days of work and rest at a natural (read: fukuoaka) farm
in maharastra brings me through overbooked trains and hard sweet guava
to the industrial wasteland of modern gujarat with companions chanting
compassionate songs of freedom and noting the only ahimsa and navjivan
left in the land of gandhi are the names of the trains.

which isnt true because theyre all our people and all lands are the
land of gandhi. which isnt helping gujarat's case much and neither
does the billboard outside "the largest caustic lye factory in india"
which claims i am breathing clean air as i ride by, stalled into
silence at the furnace dragon spitting black bile into dusty air and
no crowds cheering MEGAWATT to make everything a dream or spectacle or
something else that we can be ironic or alright about.

manchester vs the epa: smokestacks are too dirty to be spectacular.

you can write to me for one month at:

ankurbhai shah
c/o manav sadhana
sabarmati gandhi ashram

and afterwards at

ankurbhai shah
83 lost meadow
sequim, wa 98382

in the intervening month (which we call march) i will be not/here
space/time body/mind and request all hard correspondence be sent to
the ashram in sequim.

one love

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