21 December 2006

Vinobaji on Gandhiji

from _Vinboa on Gandhi_ (p11)

Once a friend asked me: Should one address Gandhi or Gandhiji. I said
if he considered him a human being, a human being worthy of respect,
he should address Gandhiji. But if he thought of him as an idea, it
would be sufficient to address Gandhi. Today, for me, Gandhiji is no
longer a person, he is an idea.
Gandhiji himself was so sensitive to changing conditions that he never
had any dificult in adjusting himself to new situations. I once used
for him an expression that many found objectionable: double-faced.
There is a song of Ekanath in which he has called men of God
double-faced people in that they describe God one day in one way and
the next day in a quite different way. Gandhiji could similarly be
called a double-faced person. He never stuck to words. He was always
evolving. His mind was ever occupied with the quest for truth.

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