21 December 2006

dec 18th transcription of a dream...

so my DREAM last night -- in some fancy cafe among a line of fancy
cafes with expensive dishes i would never go to order but i had to
meet some human there. the people i met there somehow associated with
the spirits of Death and Argentina -- a man and a woman -- and i went
off about Meche dying and how beautiful she is and will be and the
woman was in tears. i continued about Death not being separate, the
discretion was an illness, an illusion, a delusion of our separate
egos. The man bristled -- he had hair like Mark and waw jewish, she
had long wavy hairs. i continued it would all -- the life and the
Death -- be better seen as part of the same multifacted gorgeous
hideous kind cruel indescribable GODNESS that is the sum and synergy
of all Being (and nothingness besides). the man scraped bristles into
words of a venerable monotheism and said his god did not include

the energy immediately shifted with the camera angle from argument to
experience and i remember him saying he had of yet experienced no such
thing -- the onenes, the unity of all creation and destruction -- and
i outlined some teachings (practical injunctions) so that he might.

we continued with Meche and we were all crying, the woman said here i
have 15,000 $ and i want to give it to you so she reached into her
purse and pulled out three Argentine 100 peso notes and gave them to
me. i accepted them on the condition i could give them away and send
her a letter when i did so, thinking "nirali will know what to do with
this", the whole idea is to support people like jayeshbhai and john
giuliano budding flowers, not the specifics but the soul of these
operations and we were all crying and i walked away into the bustle of
the indian night, warm and sinister a la vez, wondering how i would
myself survive without sinking to using such holy notes for my own
luxuries, my dosa and my mangos... as i woke up.


there's so much felt about meche's sudden passing and i'm not quite
ready but to share this song pooja sang ("while i'm here") and to
reiterate how death is not some antithesis to life but rather it is
our environment, the ether we breathe, the amniotic fluid he turn
somersaults in. it can be no Other, no Alien.

in ayurveda they have this concept of all matter as being based on the
5 elements (ether, air, fire, water, earth) and each of the elements
besides ether being composed of 50% ether. analagous to the modern
physics notion that there's a lot more space than matter packed in
those subatomic particles (i havent done the research personally; that
might be wrong).

black panthers head back to the motherland:

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