20 May 2006

redefining peace

at some point im going to create an index of all the fantastic and amazing people and art ive met along the way to wherever it is were all going (together) and in that you will find some entries under 'kp sasi'. sasimama is malavika's uncle, a revolutionary filmmaker and conversationist. all love and smiles and grit -- he came over to our hut yesterday before the jackfruit ritual and after the rain had stopped, interrupting a conversation neilu and i undertook about the difference between peace and harmony to inform us he would be screening a film (his film), called "redefining peace".


the film was somehow about the difference between peace and harmony and detailed the lives of some indian women who had been nominated for the holy dynamite peace prize as part of '1000 women for the peace prize' movement last year. which i had never heard of but sounded like a good way to demonstrate the farcical nature of the whole endeavor. i would love to make a film or collage of sound/images of nobel peace prize laurates saying and doing horribly hateful things, and footage of wars they helped create, filmed at The Exact Moment they accepted the prize. that might be nice but here i am living in the forest editing my gandhi docs and polishing bamboo flutes.


its hard, in the aftermath of watching a movie about adivasi land rights and indian army brutality, to get a sense of how the dream life is the same as the struggle life, but there a tenuous sense in which its true and thats what ive been trying to hold on to, to flatten, to shine into the last few years, between lebanese refugee camps, organic farms, and the ashrams of the future -- the dolphin future, the only future worth living -- we're busy creating. you and i.


anyhow, i recommend this movie. and i recommend a deep prayer of appreciation to the women it chronicles. they are amazing, the strongest and best fibers of your body -- it is they you and now. the film is called 'redefining peace'. kp sasi's website is <a href=" http://visualsearch.org/films-available/peace-women.htm">visualsearch.org</a>. the 1000 women for the prize has a <a href=" http://1000peacewomen.org/">website</a>, as well.


in beginning and conclusion, i think i'll be phrasing my future efforts at "world peace through organic farming" [ its what gandhi told me to do] in terms of "world harmony". to avoid the kind of peace that is 'kept' by the barrell of a gun.


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