05 May 2006

back from sri lanka

and barely with it. it broke both of us. photos coming with the speed of kozikhode internet to
there should be a few directories, ie:


sri lanka is the most amazing place in the world. i thought it would be india with a twist but it turns out it was actually populated by brazilians. every woman smiles and looks you in the eye and they listen to fushion of good indian music, hip hop, and traditional mexican stuff. it's pretty amazing.
nobody speaks english and so everything they tell you is wrong (not intentionally). if you go DONT TRUST ANYONE, just be content with loving them. smile a lot. they are 100% with smile returning. no joke. not like anyother place ive seen -- especially with women/girls; in the US they think youre hitting on them, in brasil they're hitting on you, and in india theyll tighten their veils. but in sri(brasilian)lanka it's just one love beautiful black skin and white teeth smiles.
so perfect. and the best pineapples this fruiter has ever had.
one love

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