05 May 2006

Directions to Kannavu, the dream in the forest

mailing address contact info:

c/o kanavu
nadavayal PO
wayanad district
pin 670721

get a VISA. i recommend the 10 year verison in case you decide to go sannyasi.

get to the south. you can either fly to bangalore (bangbang) or to calicut (kozhikode). or anywhere else in kerala (trivandrum or cochin). spicejet and kingfisher are cheap domestic airlines

if you're coming from bangbang you can get a bus to BATHERY in kerala. it's a medium town about half an hour away from me. ive never taken that bus and can't help with the details.

if you're coming from kalicut go go to the KSRTC bus stand and take the bus to PANAMARAM. the destination of the bus is MANATHODY (or something) but if you ask for PANAMARAM it's good. PANAMARAM means PALM TREE. the ride is around 3 hours and you go up through huge hills (the Western Ghats) for 2 hours and then level out and start going through towns again. its really amazonular and i would start no later than 3:30 so as to arrive in daylight.

from bathery or panamaran get a local bus to KERNICHERA. if people dont understand that (pronouncing it is hard) ask for "kannavu school' and they will take care of you. the thing in india is always to rememebr that everybody will take care of you. its just how it is. you dont need maps and directions because there are people everywhere and they are all part of mother india and mother india is the human amazon and the amazon loves you.

they will tell you where to get off but if you must know say "cheengoda". it looks like "Bigode" but the pronounciation is totally Other. you will be let off on a road with two shops and a dirt road across the street. follow the dirt road to kannavu. dont turn just go straight until you hear the singing. be aware of elephants they are very hard to see because they are very quiet and have an EXCELLENT sense of smell. ask for kannavu everytime you see someone and somenbody will likely lead you there. dont be shy or mess up -- it's a rule in india that you must check in with each person; the one time you don't you will lead yourself astray.

again, beware of the elephants and don't mind the tarantulas.

love, ankur

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