21 November 2005


which translates to "instant semen".

[ new photos of jamnagar and sheila ]

the key takeaway from today's fifty minute sermon on the virtue of cow's milk (details hopefully manifesting below). the basic idea is that semen is the 7th and last dhatu (roughly: tissue structure) to be produced by the body, taking about thirty days on average. but with cow's milk you can get it in two or three days. so you should drink it all the time and then you will be as populous and prosperous as holy india.

also, in the ancient ayurvedic texts (caraka samhita, sushruta samhita, asthanga...) details of positive and negative effects of eight milk are given: cow, buffalo, goat, camel, ass (donkey), sheep, elephant, and, of course, human. these people were and are really, really into milk.

the two vegans in the class and half of me had a pretty hard time of it.

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