08 November 2005

contact inflow

contact inflow, valid until first week of february 2006:

i've arrived in india and started classes. everything is insane: india is the amazon gone human. it's very strange.

to send me letters:
ankur shah
international students hostel
gujurat ayurved university

to call me:
011 91 288 2558260

the time difference being 13.5 hours ahead of california and 10.5 hours ahead of new york.
its a phone in the common room on the second floor of my hexagonal international students hostel, and im on the ground floor. the security guard may or may not answer. so say "1" or "ankurbhai" if you dont want to get into some hindi.

i'll be around between yoga and class (8:30 - 9:30 am) and at lunch time (12:30 - 3:30 pm) and at night (between 8:30-9:30 pm). give or take a few minutes for walking. i try to be in bed by ten but people are so lovely so that never happens. please call me. my mom called me and it was great. try it.

to visit:
jamnagar is in gujarat is in india. the airport here i've learned only accepts air india flights. that could be false knowledge. there is a four hour (hearsay) train from ahmedabad (capital of gujurat, direct flights from singapore) and a 6 hour overnight bus from ahmedabad (180 points = 4 us points). india is more expensive than i remember (kilo of chermioya = 25 points) and the exchange rate is 45:1 (india to us) so still really cheap.
once you're in jamnagar, call me or take an autorickshaw to the Gujarat Ayurved University. pronounce everything with an indian accent and you'll get there fine. i'm in the international students hostel. room #1. you can stay with me if you're male (cholmes) and if you're female (sheila) we'll figure something out.

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