16 November 2005

no phone number.

okay. so a little news.

1) i understand the basis philosophy an physiology of ayurveda. it's pretty brilliant and i'll try to have to have it explicated soon.

2) the hostel for international students, while wonderful and social, was too wonderful and social, so i left for a place where i could study better, play the flute more, and cook. so im living in a nice apartment of a new japanese friend and she's leaving to study martial arts so it'll be good and solo and lots of counter space.

3) sheila mcshane arrives tomorrow with entourage and tabla in tow.

what this means is I HAVE NO PHONE NUMBER. i have figured out international calls and theyre 3 points / minute (4 us points / hour) so that's not too bad except i have 2000 us points for the next year and that's supposed to included my boat / flight / astral projection 'home' wherever that may be.

letters can be sent to the same address i imagine. i still go there every day.

love. ankur