22 May 2008

drawing for shaytal

some people visited the other today and introduced me to this concept
called "shading". so ima try it out.

it's getting hotter ever day and we are consuming conspicous
quantities of mango. this morning i sat back in the courtyard to asses
the damage, a veritable mound of pits and peels between six of licking
our hands contentedly. as each person sat down he or she brought
another pail of mangos in water -- the better to rinse as we eat.

the mangos are everywhere and ripe. on the ground during my morning
rounds. on the trees. in peoples' hands. all over the kitchen. stored
upstairs and outside. the dogs are evening eating them (with relish).
people come all through the day to buy them -- the foyer is the new
storefront, the chambers are the new warehouses.

even on the computer desk, by the scanner and under bad printouts of
the new brochure i am designing for samvad, you can find a few ripe

hard to believe but im telling it straight.

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