24 January 2008

mangolandia new year 2008

starts tomorrow on jan 26th, republic day (for what it's worth, as in the song...)

and i will have nothing scheduled. this wedding ends today with a groomic reception in ahmedabad and then i am free, careless and floating in the hands of nirali and jayeshbhai and mukeshanand, flute teachers and ashrams.

i have an idea to plant trees with shvass on saturday and to write the next draft of my gandhi book ('sometimes we walk alone') if i can find a laptop. there is a month of flute lessons and meditation awaiting me and then potentially a magical workshop on kabir in march. if things work out i might bicycle from bangalore to the futane farm in maharastra and be with the mangos for a while.
or i might not.
one love

back to mangolandia.

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