14 September 2007

ramadan karim

This year, September 12th was the first day of the lunar month, the
first shiny scrap of moon to cross the sky. It's Rosh Hashanah and the
first day of Ramadan. The year we lived in Lebanon, Amanda and I had
the opportunity to practice Ramadan, to abstain from letting anything
-- food, drink, or smoke -- pass our lips during the day. To gorge
ourselves at night. To cook without tasting and work without water.

As I'm back on the farm and it's the busiest time of the year, I don't
quite have the strength or discipline to celebrate Ramadan this year.
But the consciousness is no less important -- especially here on the
farm with so much abundance and blackberries and carrots and apples
and chard, to remember those who are lost in a world without food. Who
feel poor.

So I write this blessing and encourage all our friends and lovers to
try fasting for Ramadan, even if it's just one day -- from first light
to last -- or at least to wake up in the morning and take a few
minutes to consider what it's all about before that morning glass of
water or dried mango or whatever.


With this hunger
let us take consciousness
of the hunger,
the suffering,
and the poverty
of our brothers and sisters,
across this world we share.

With this pain
let us take consciousness
of the pain we bring
to our brothers and sisters
though our excess and apathy.

In a world of abundance,
there is no poverty without waste.

With this food,
with this satisfaction,
let us take consciousness
of the satisfaction we bring
to our brothers and sisters
through our hard work and compassion.



love ankur

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