18 September 2007

neilu on vacation

mangolandia's iranian correspondent, hired in india and on duty
through sri lanka and various amerikan suburbs, has taken a hiatus
from her organc farm life (nashsproduce.com) to hike for two weeks in
the bosom of olympic national park's hoh rainforest.

she's leaves the following words of wisdom as a parting note to our
dear friends:


just in case i don't make it out, i was thinking that this might be
something for the blog. you can decide.

this is an except from a response my brother wrote to something in
time magazine many years ago. but the last line has stuck in my head
for this long. and i asked my mom to read me the quote this morning
before i go off into nature for two weeks. so this is what i wrote
down this morning as my mom read it from a framed picture of my
brother with the article, downstairs in the basement, next to a huge
screened tv (this is the second huge tv in the house). my point is
that, no one would EVER notice this small framed thing sitting there
next to this huge ass tv in a basement that no one ever uses. any
way, here it is:


Insights Into Iran

"The reader asks 'where are the self appointed moral authorities who
condemn the late shah's cruelties and were so happy to see the caring,
compassionate mullahs assume authorities?'

I am certainly on of the many who condemned the alte Shah's cruelties
and I was certainly overjoyed at his departure. The receptivity of
the Iranian people to Khomeni's promises was a reaction to the
policies and methods of the Shah's government. The emergence of the
mullahs as the dominent power was an unfortunate result. I can only
answer the question by saying that those of us who were against the
shah are quietly going about our business, but our hearts ache for our
country and sometimes when we are alone and no one is watching, we


god i love my brother. i love him so much and i feel i may never get
to tell him that before one of us dies cause for some reason we do not
talk. the stupidity of the whole thing explains all the wars. i
still can't even talk to my own brother that i love, my own blood
family. and i still feel that i have the right to question why we are
at war. for god's sake, the fight is here, right in front of us all
the time, and we have the fucking audasity to even think for one
minute that we have the right to judge anyone else. take a look at
yourself, stop judging, and just to the right thing. spike lee was
always right. DO THE RIGHT (FUCKIN') THING.

see you on the flip side ank.


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