24 April 2007

mexico 1, ank 1

+52 5524390370

c/o jesica lopez-sol
oceano 116
jardines del pedregal
mexico DF


Arrived at six in the morning after the emptiest airshisp I've ever slept upon to find the beautiful fiancee of my brother Erik waiting at the airdoor and a mango in the car to get me started.

Morning breakfast included mamey-sapote, guanabana, and chickoo-sapote, and starred three native mangos: the paradise, the manila, and the atualfo. Mangitud and highspirits in effect as we took down 1/2 a kilo of fresh corn tortillas from down the street.

Which just about erased any lingering attachment to my laptop which lifted off during transit, carefully pilfered by the TSA in sf or an enterprising youth in DF. They were carefully to take the power cord, memory dingdong (with so much good music!), and brand new wireless adapter.

And I've always known that owning in general is a hazardous pursuit in a world and country and culture of inequality, oppression, and poverty. So I deserved the theft perhaps as much as I deserved the laptop, a gift over four years ago.

And in honor of that tiny little creature, who hosted Denali's thesis, my cookbook, Hannah's thesis, and the first third of my next book (backed up on the internet), I'd like to take a moment of mangos and silence. And Jorge Ben Jor, somewhere mixed in to keep the silence light.

Key takeaway that I've arrived safely and happily, have showered and am almost ready to get down to work (oraworldmandala.org).


ps I feel justified in contuining to write to 'mangolandia' because i've eaten more mangos than hours i've been here.

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