04 August 2006

notes for the future ashram

1. from ankur in abad:

i spent the morning at the ESI (http://www.esi.org.in/) today, where
"mr. toilet" has his offices. an inspiring collection of shitter and
they gave me books on how to build my own, all varieties of composting
toilets, with and without "biogas" collection facilities. so,
basically, we're all psyched. and as jayeshbhai likes to say, "we dont
just invite people to come for lunch, we invite them after lunch as

2. from neilu in tamil nad:

tonight will be my last night at ramana maharshi's. learned many
things to do and not to do at lost mountain, unless you are into
almost naked, life size, photos of yourself up in every room. of
course i was thinking we could compromise and just put up life size
photos of dolphins up everywhere?!? but life is good.

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