10 June 2006

more photos than news

matt and saskia got here and we're too busy eating mangos to write properly.
i will say that it's damn good to have a brother and home is certainly other people.
photos for the taking at
in housing new, neilu and i met a moustache. it curls up at the edges and is worn by a man named chandrabose. chandrabose handles the tabla, bansuri, harmonium, and human voice like buckminster with so many legos. so we decided to take a sunny hiatus from the keralan dream (kanavu) and move in to his studio.
instead of going to music school, we're going to music school. we'll live their for a month and he'll give lessons every morning. there is nothing else to do but practice. there is no kitchen so we'll eat mangos. it should be pretty great. we're all very excited. these are very, very exciting time.

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