16 June 2006

the life divine

yesterday at kuppadi:

06h00: wake-up and morning bowel movements

06h15: morning medication and yoga

07h00: practice (flute = ankur, tabla = neilu)

10h00: invited to breakfast (puttu) at muslim neigbhor's place. note they do not wear headcoverings unless strangers come to the door.

11h00: resuming practicing

11h30: chandrabose arrives. 1st lesson

12h30: lesson over, resuming practicing

14h00: fifteen minute break for jackfruit

15h00: fifteen minute break for mango

16h00: try to call mali. busy.

16h30: resume practicing

18h00: chandrabose returns. 2nd lesson

19h30: lesson over, nightly fruit/meditation

20h00: chill

21h00: reading aloud from "the life divine" by sri aurobindo


the key takeway is that

a) playing music is very hard, mentally, and regardly of whether i ever learn how to play the scale correctly i will be a very different person after this month

b) sri aurobindo, technically speaking, is "the shit". if you've ever shared "the primary religious experience" either through management, medicine, sex, music, surfing, meditation, or (god forbid) organized religion, then it's for you. that experience is his unwritten premise and he does the best job of anyone i haven't met in clearing up the confusions and dark spots. of all the people that think they "understand" while they're inhabiting that Other consciousness, and wake up the next morning to find they've written "everything reeks of petroleum", he's the one that got it right.

just so we know. sri aurobindo. the life divine. do not try to read it silently.

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