14 March 2006

This episode is brought to you by the month March, the letters F and G, and lots of jedi Love.

It is March, says one calendar.
Then let us march, says another.
Yes, let's!, let's march and walk and love
our way to the sea, says ankurbhai, who is
Ankur Shah, who is
Flute, Fruit, and Frisbee.
sPace-tIme is Fluidifying.
Fly on to G.
Gandhiji, 76 years ago, walked from Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi
with 78 other Ashram members.
78 minus 76 is 2.
w2 pairs of clothes,
whis Flute and Frisbee,
(and let us pray sisters and brothers and fathers and mothers,
that Fortune sees Fit to Find him lots of Fruit, always),
wprobably his toothpowder,
and two concessions to Safety, Security and Sivilization:
wf) just enough money to get the bus home,
which They told him to keep,
though between you and me and him, if he didn't have it,
i'm sure Krishna or Jah'mba would provide
wg) a cellphone, affectionately nicknamed 99 2419 4890,
which They told him to keep,
and which surely comes in handy, along with the internet that They tell us to plug into,
for the transmission of Experience to this medium you now visit
wand very little (if anything) else
is what Ankurbhai left with
from Sabarmati Ashram on Sunday at 6:30am,
accompanied by,
wfor a few hours, a few ashram members
wlocal news reporters with flashes and bangs
wa woman from some political party
who put a flag around his neck and shouted jai hind, to which he reacted calmly, saying nothing and only removing the flag when she was done doing her thing, so as not to offend her
wA hell of a lot of love from folks who have grandfathers with cataract operations, or children with mouths and school, or other such things, and so are not there with him physically, but then...
bOdy-Mind is Merging.
Ankur stopped in a chikoo grove to play the flute and was welcomed to the first village where Gandhiji stayed by a nice old drunk who was not the mayor but might as well have been for all his power and was offered (he politely refused)whisky and cigarettes and ice cream and all these things that do not merge well with a gandhian path
but no fruit, so pray, my friends pray.
(But don't pray too hard that you forget to play
for that is not what our Ankurbhai would want.)
And don't pray so hard that you forget to log on every now and then and find out what Ankurbhai is doing, or not doing, and Being.
from a sister.

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