08 March 2006

osho is the master

so i went to an ashram in madhavpur gujarat maybe three weeks ago. it was there i got the Mensajem to go see mali in the south and etc. and there's a lot that went down in those three days and ive not even tried to condense it but here's a scrap of paper i found and typed up.

i didn't know anything about osho except he's a cult hero or something. like donnie darko. turns out he's actually some enlightened master (like jesus) who is also a cult hero (like jesus, but kind of dirtier in some way). people associate him with sex and power and corruption at the end of things and i know nothing about that but regardless of whatever else you say about him, know that everyone at the ashram said "Osho is the Master" and everyone at the ashram was right.

so this may seem a little strange if you read it not while tripping (on wine, virtue, poetry, whatever, selon baudelaire) but try to see each line as a metaphysical truth worth all kinds of exposition. we can get into the exposition later but i just found this and i still feel it to be true. deeply.


feb 11th

2nd night at the Osho Ashram in Madhavpur

This much is clear:
It's all one.
Everything is the same.
Nothing is anythinh else.
Everything / Anything can be loving.
Amazon is not love, but Loving.
Osho is the Master.
I am Master (I mean to write (?) I am Osho.
Osho is very, very, intelligent.
The Osho Meditation Resort in Pune is a must see for Amazon/Spectacle aficionados.
Trees are our parents/protectors.
Everything is as sacred as you let it.
Everything is loving energy.
Resistance is ultimately futile.
We as Ego are resistance. A definition, as it were.
Being Love is about ceasing resistance.
Being Love, Loving, being loving is the only game in town.
There is nothing to learn.
There is a world to forget.
Much of what we have learned may be termed Resistance.
We are born yogis.
Without resistance, blockage, firmness, we dissolve into Amazon, Love, Pure Flowing.


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SSKhalsa said...

good are those who heard the name "Osho" in this life.
better are those who read "Osho"
Best are those who "meditate" with Osho.