05 April 2008

hard saddle's gonna fall

dearest friends of mangolandia

from the saddle again. day 6 in the morning and by some miracle of the
hindu work ethic and the (more likely) spirit of capitalism, there is
a cyber cafe ("mercury") open at 7 in the morning.

feeling the slightest onset of a cold and avoided the typical morning
chai in favor of holy basil, cardamom, turmeric, and dry ginger. i
hadn't had a cup of tea in two months and have been up to three a day
on the yatra.

submission is the name of the game. so far we've been to two organic
farms, one sanitation center, and one cousin sister's house. it's just
the beginning. yesterday was our first 50 km day. it's trucking along
nicely and nobody has been killed but the roadside dogs.

we pray for them as we pass.

just checking in.


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